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A website for women who've lost a pregnancy

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While there are textbooks on pregnancy loss, and workbooks on grief and loss, Carrying On is the first and only workbook on pregnancy loss.

This is important because journaling is a time-tested tool for healing and recovery.

Furthermore, pregnancy loss deals largely with grief over what was expected rather than offering memories of a life fully lived. It therefore requires a different processing of emotions, though the emotions themselves may be similar to those for other forms of bereavement.

It is a myth that everyone can simply get over pregnancy loss by having another baby.  That would be like saying the death of a child should be less grievous to the parent if they have other children alive at the time.

This workbook takes a biological, psychological, social, and spiritual approach to healing and recovery. Use it to help yourself or another to journal through the journey of Carrying On.

“Together we can Carry On!”

 Darlene B. Viggiano, Ph.D. (MFT)


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License No. and State: MFC35420 California

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