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NOV 2010 VOL 3 NO. 4 Alumni Association Newsletter

 Graduate College of Psychology and Humanistic Studies


p. 8

 Alumna Darlene Viggiano, PhD ‘10

Publishes a Workbook on Lost Pregnancies: Carrying On: A Workbook for Women Who’ve Lost a Pregnancy Paperback

Darlene is a therapist who has recovered from gestational loss herself. Her new book, Carrying On, can facilitate healing in self-help, individual therapy, or group settings. It helps readers: see the similarity of Darlene’s story and their own experiences; identify emotions and shared dynamics; write their personal stories; and review and witness their own growth. According to the American Pregnancy Association, 15-20% of pregnancies miscarry, and risks increase beyond age 35. This workbook offers evocative questions to help women recover emotionally, encompassing a wide array of grief issues. It is designed for women, therapists, and organizations whose goal is to heal the painful wound of miscarriage. Carrying On is a forward-looking, flexible, multi-dimensional resource that stimulates expression of thoughts, feelings, memories, and expectations.

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I would highly recommend this book for any of my patients who have experienced this type of loss and trauma. I found the book to be compelling and very therapeutic. I've been working with people professionally for over 20 years and this book is way overdue. Several of my past patients would have greatly benefited from the healing journey this book presents. Be assured that it will be a crucial component of my treatment plans in the future for my patients who need this type of healing work.

Dr. Stephen F. Grinstead

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