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Dr. Viggiano spoke at the Sharing Parents' 25th Memorial, at the Capitol Rose Garden in Sacramento, Sunday 10/9/11. The theme for the year's memorial was "Cherishing."

Focus Group Announcement and Invitation-- 

Carrying On: A Focus Group for Women Who’ve Lost a Pregnancy

Dr. Darlene Viggiano ran a focus group at Mercy Women’s Center in Sacramento, CA, on weekend afternoons in 2011.  This group focused on guiding members through Dr. Viggiano’s journal, Carrying On: A workbook for women who’ve lost a pregnancy. It was for those parents who had experienced a loss over the past 5+ years.  This announcement is an invitation for people who are interested in participating in a future focus group to contact Dr. Viggiano at

The group will have at least one Sharing Parents volunteer at the meetings as a host, and will consist of 6-12 members. Your participation is meant to serve you as a parent in understanding the healing and recovery process, and to support you in moving forward past stuck points and into acceptance. Come and join us—together, we can carry on!

Hear a radio interview by clicking on the following link, turning up the volume, and sitting through a short, unrelated commercial before the interview begins:

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Here's another radio interview:

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